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Life is short. Work eats up an awful lot of it, so we might as well enjoy it. But how do we find fulfilment as we pay the bills? We would all love to “follow our passion”, but that’s not always what springs to mind as we plough through an inbox that never ends and spend yet another day squinting at a screen. How do we build a work life that brings some meaning, fun and even joy?

I’m Christina Patterson. I’m a journalist, author and coach. Over the years, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people about their work: Nobel laureates, coffee farmers, rock stars, writers, artists, poets, scientists, business leaders, politicians, sex workers, nuns. I’m still interviewing people about their work, in my podcast, also called The Art of Work. And what I’ve learnt is that work is an art you can do badly or well. And you’re much more likely to enjoy it if you do it well.

In this newsletter, I’ll offer inspiration, straight-talking and, I hope, some wisdom and wit on the knotty issue of how to make work work.

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How do we find fulfilment as we pay the bills? Inspiration and straight-talking on building a work life that brings some meaning, fun and joy.


Christina Patterson

Writer, broadcaster, coach, author of The Art of Not Falling Apart and Outside, the Sky is Blue. Host of podcast The Art of Work