Thank You Christina, this cheered me up no end, a considerable challenge as you know given the depressing state of our nation lately. (Apart from the remembrance of your busted knee cap, this didn't cheer me up one little bit of course but you know what I meant ;) Still, I was somewhat heartened this morning to read this in the FT on: https://www.ft.com/content/b2154c20-c9d0-4209-9a47-95d114d31f2b (... oops, looks like you'll need to cut-n-paste it as this blog seems not to accept active URLs; anyway I put in your FB Messenger as well ;) Further indication FT now is swinging back left of centre I hope (dare I say, to support Labour). I see John Burn-Murdoch in recent weeks has penned other considered data-driven analyses on state of the NHS. Good for him I say, as a 'renowned pioneering data journalist'; I'm sure he well deserved his Honorary Doctorate back in the Summer.

Sorry for blathering on, when all I wished really was to say 'Merry Christmas to You and Yours' and surely 2023 must be better :) xx

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