Dear Christina,

You spoke so beautifully on The Jeremy Vine show today.

Thank you for writing this.

How agonising to not be able to check your memories with your family- it’s like you’ve been through your own personal holocaust in some respects. Sharing this collective grief upon loosing our Queen Elizabeth is both comforting

and devastating. Personally I’m encouraged by the communal feeling of our shared loss, yet exhausted by its emotional toll. You’ve had so many curious encounters with Her Majesty. Thank you for sharing them with us. Bethany

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Sep 9, 2022Liked by Christina Patterson

Gosh, so many similarities between my mother who was Finnish and met her dark handsome hero, who was Pakistani. They made me. Both were very left of centre and yet still loved the Queen. My Aiti ( I always called her that, Finnish for mother) told me once that she really loved the UK because there was few places anywhere that would have given her and my father a chance in the 1960’s. Both have passed now and with the Queen going a real strong link to my past gone as well. Thank you so much for sharing.

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