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Happy birthday! We've seen two plays in the last couple of weeks, As You Like It at the DC Shakespeare theater in which the bard's words and play was teamed up with music by the Fab Four. It was fun! It meant a lot of the dialog was cut but it was a great evening out (with a happy ending).

The second was a lot tougher which I liked but my wife didn't (too dark for Christmas). The Seafarers by Conor McPherson at Roundhouse theater in Bethesda. Its about an Irishman who goes home to look after his blind brother, meets his friends, and an unexpected person turns up to play a game of cards, in which the main stake is his soul (I think you can guess who the stranger is). It was fascinating as McPherson, who was an alcoholic, manages to capture the 'pull' of alcohol and how its used as a crunch for dealing with significant emotional issues, and how manipulated they can be too, to get their own way. The cast made the characters very believable. Seeing good theater is always such a gift, particularly if they tackle a difficult topic (and DC theater has been on a roll recently).

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